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5D Narrow Pro-Made Fans 0.06

5D Narrow Pro-Made Fans 0.06

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100% handmade from high-quality Korean PBT fiber, ultra-black, and lightweight. These fans are so dark they make any hybrid or volume set look beautiful, full, and flawless!

  • Create beautiful, high-quality lash sets in half the time
  • More bang for your buck at 4 cents per fan (1200 fans per box)
  • Reduced body and hand fatigue
  • Narrow width fan options for dense dark sets
  • Perfect for beginners through to master lash artists


• Sharp, consistent, snatched bases
• Fan Composition: narrow width fan
• Ultra-soft, extremely black pigmented fibers
• Perfectly spaced symmetrical fans
• Silicone pressure-sensitive tape
• Pre-crystalized (glued fans) for fast seamless attachment


• 1200 fans per tray
• 40 lines of pro made fans
• Available in C, CC, D, L, M, V Curls
• Fiber Finish: Semi-gloss
• High-quality, handcrafted Korean PBT fiber
• Foil-backed strips
• Available in single length & Mixed tray options (7,8,9,10,11,12,13mm)
• Curl, Length & Diameter Printed On Each Strip! Never Forget What Length You're using

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Emily Watson

These lashes are the best for a light volume set. they are so soft and i always ask my clients how they are and when they love the way they feel. easy to peel off and it doesn’t destroy the lashes. 100% recommend these!

Nae Owens
5D Narrow Premade Fans

I LOVE THESE PREMADES. They are definitely the best ones I have ever used. I've tried a lot of different companies over the last 3yrs I have been lashing and these top all of them. They have the smaller pointed base (consistently) that I have ever used. I have sized 7mm to 11mm and the 7mm bases need a little bit of work because they are not quite as slim as the other lengths but still really great. I highly reccomend.

Shawna Osuna
The best premades!

I love using these premade fans! They are high quality and make lashing easier and faster! The amount of lashes you get in one box is amazing!

Amber Hutchinson

i finished a client who comes to me every so often and usually takes me 3 1/2 hours on her- it only took 1 1/2 with these promade and let’s just say, we were both obsessed. Idk if I can go back to loose lashes

Miranda Powell
Amazing pre mades!

These make lashing so much easier! I love to mix them into my handmade fans to help with time! My new favorite!

Accelerate your lash game

Effortlessly pick up from the top of the fan and unlock up to 30% faster application than other brands.

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