👀 Look Back @It Lash Mirror

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The perfect lash tool designed to check your 💣 Bomb A$$ eyelash extension work from all angles.  

You don’t spend 3 hours of your time to produce exquisite lashes and not have the tools to check your masterpieces. 

If you are not using a lash mirror yet,- what are you doin?? 

This lash mirror is the ultimate tool for viewing your fan symmetry, smooth line transitions, balance, and density of your work.  

⚡️Made of premium stainless steel


⚡️ Perfect for viewing the entire lash line

⚡️Clean and Sleek

Caring For Your Product

Do not immerse or wipe the mirror in acetone, bleach, or any other solvents as it can tarnish the finish. 

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