5D Medium Pro-Made Fans 0.06


Promade Fans The Future Of Lashing.

IMPORTANT! (Please read) with new innovation and creation = mini hiccups that come with it. There has been a paper card label problem.  What the box is labeled on the outside is correct!! Please remember this!! This will be fixed but due to the custom paper cards I had made and them having their exact curl labeled on them they did not realize this at all. 🙈

Introducing the very latest lash game-changer, Promade Fans. 100% handmade, these promade fans were designed to assist you! The (lash) artists.  Your time is your most valuable resource, and we've got you covered. It's undeniable, slashing the amount of time it takes for you to complete a set is not only what you want, but what your customers always request.

With features like minimal glue usage and an expertly crafted perfect symmetrical fan design, your clients will be left with lashes that are undetectably enhanced yet still efficient for daily wear. And with 1120 beautifully crafted promade fans, nothing compares in value!

Promade Fans are everything you could ever want for your lash game!

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