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5D Flat Lash Medium Pro-Made Fans

5D Flat Lash Medium Pro-Made Fans

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Looking to add some extra oomph to your lash sets? Flat lash fans are the perfect solution to dramatically increase the density of your clients lash line.

Featuring a flat oval shape that allows for greater bonding and increased lash retention, these lashes are specially designed to give you the thick, full lashes your clients have always wanted. And with tapered split tips for added softness and texture, you can create effortless wispy or textured lash sets that is sure to turn heads.

Whether your clients natural lashes are too sparse or thin, or they simply prefer a thicker, more dramatic look, flat lash fans are an excellent option that won't sacrifice the health and safety of your client's natural lashes.

Feature & Benefits

  • Dramatically increase the density of your clients lash line
  • Tapered split tips for added softness and texture
  • Features a flat oval shape that allows for greater bonding and increased lash retention
  • Gives the effect of a darker, more dramatic look without compromising the health and safety of the natural lash



    • Sharp, consistent, snatched bases
    • Fan Composition: Medium width fan
    • Ultra-soft, extremely black pigmented fibers
    • Perfectly spaced symmetrical fans
    • Silicone pressure-sensitive tape
    • Pre-crystalized (glued fans) for fast seamless attachment


    • 1000 fans per tray
    • 40 lines of pro made fans
    • Available in C, CC & D Curls
    • Fiber Finish: Semi-gloss
    • High-quality, handcrafted Korean PBT fiber
    • Foil-backed strips
    • Available in Mixed tray options (7,8,9,10,11,12,13mm)
    • Curl, Length & Diameter Printed On Each Strip! Never Forget What Length You're using

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Stephanie Dobney
    A little hard to work with

    I love using the Luxlash premades and thought id give the flat lash premades ago as I also use flat lashes in my classic sets and my clients love them.
    Unfortunately I really struggled using the flat lash premades, mostly of them shriveled up with I picked them up off the strip and I noticed they were quite hard to remove off the natural lash with tweezers once applied.
    This would be amazing for rentention, but really hard when you actually want to remove them.

    I cannot fault the original premades and they are my go too, but quite unsure about the flat lash premades.


    The flat promades have been great for my clients who are short on time but are after really dense lashes they’re always so happy with the end results

    Accelerate your lash game

    Effortlessly pick up from the top of the fan and unlock up to 30% faster application than other brands.

    Discover the perfect curl