.10 L Curl Single Length Trays Bundle


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Not your basic lashes, not your basic curl...Stand Out ... Show Off ... Express Your Artistry

Perfect for Lash Artists who are looking to deliver on-trend lash designs and create the perfect Fox Eye effects. 

Designed to be vibrant, multidimensional, and let you lash effortlessly to create 🔮  magical lash sets. 

Our lashes are made of the softest and most luxurious synthetic extreme black pigmented fibers.

Lux Lash Society lash fibers are hand-sculpted and assembled using the finest quality materials. Our 100% synthetic lash extensions integrate the latest innovations in fiber technology for superior performance.


✨  8 Trays Total 

Set Includes:

1x 6mm Lash Tray 

1x 7mm Lash Tray 

1x 8mm Lash Tray 

1x 9mm Lash Tray

1x 10mm Lash Tray

1x 11mm Lash Tray

1x 12mm Lash Tray

1x 13mm Lash Tray


✨ 16 Rows Per Tray

✨ Semi-Gloss Finish

✨ Extreme Black Pigmented Fibers

✨ Non-Stick Backing For Non- Stick Residue On Lash Tile

✨ Superior Performance (won't lose their curl)

✨ 2mm Strip for Optimized Perfect Fan Creation

✨ Our lashes are made of the highest quality 100% synthetic PBT fibers