L Curl 0.07 Mixed Length


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Not Your Basic Lashes, Not Your Basic Curl...Stand Out ... Show Off ... Express Your Artistry

Perfect for Lash Artists who are looking to deliver on-trend lash designs and create the Perfect Fox Eye Effects 

Designed to be vibrant, multidimensional, and fan effortlessly to create 🔮  magical lash sets. 

Our lashes are made of the softest and most luxurious synthetic extreme black pigmented fibers.

Lux Lash Society lash fibers are hand-sculpted and assembled using the finest quality materials. Our 100% synthetic lash extensions integrate the latest innovations in fiber technology for superior performance.

✨ 16 Rows Per Tray

✨ Semi-Gloss Finish

✨ Extreme Black Pigmented Fibers

✨ Non-Stick Backing For Non- Stick Residue On Lash Tile

✨ Superior Performance (won't lose their curl)

✨ 2mm Strip for Optimized Perfect Fan Creation

✨ Our lashes are made of the highest quality 100% synthetic PBT fibers

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Mona D.
Love these

Love these

Yuka H.
Love it!

They are very easy to make fan and perfect product to achieve eyeliner effect!!

Candice D.

These L curl lashes are beautiful to work with. I love the quality of these also and easy to fan with :)

Thank you for your review Candice! Im so happy you are loving the L curls! Make sure you tag us on instagram in your work! I would absolutely love to see the work you do with them!!! :heart_eyes: